case studies


UX, Content Design & Financial Literacy
- University of Washington PCE Capstone Project

    This case study from the University of Washington’s Professional Certificate in User Experience and Visual Interface Design focuses on improving financial literacy among young professionals, particularly those from historically marginalized communities. 

   The project aimed to transform traditional, jargon-heavy financial education into an engaging and accessible experience for future generations facing financial insecurity. Through extensive research including interviews, archetype development, empathy mapping, and competitive analysis, the team identified key insights and user needs.

    The project's design, named Gains, emphasized gamification, mentorship, and real-life rewards to enhance user engagement and retention. Initial concept testing revealed both successes and areas for improvement, such as refining content clarity and enhancing visual appeal.

    Overall, the case study advocates for a content-focused approach to addressing financial literacy, leveraging design to make complex financial concepts more approachable and actionable for a diverse audience.

Content Strategy & Wireframes
-Personal Project

    SoundCloud, once a pioneering platform for emerging artists, has seen its influence diminish in a competitive streaming landscape. Despite this, it remains a significant player with approximately 140 million users globally in 2023.

    As streaming has overtaken digital downloads, SoundCloud faces renewed opportunities in the market by leveraging its grassroots cultural credibility and community-focused features.

    With Bandcamp's uncertain future due to recent ownership changes, SoundCloud has a chance to fill the gap for independent artists seeking fairer revenue models. By enhancing its user interface and offering digital distribution services,SoundCloud could challenge incumbents like Spotify and Apple Music, potentially expanding into physical goods marketplaces. 

    The platform's unique strengths in community engagement, through comments and messages, provide a foundation for marketing efforts across various user segments, including casual listeners, supporting listeners, producers/artists, DJs, and record labels/collectives. As SoundCloud evolves, strategic partnerships with entities like Buy Music Club and Substack music authors could further enhance its position in the evolving music ecosystem.

UX Writing, Brand Tone
-Personal Project

I emphasize the importance of first impressions in user experience design, particularly for products and companies discovered online without prior context. It highlights the need for well-prepared public-facing channels to effectively communicate value propositions.

    Throughout the revisions, I focus on making headings clear and direct, ensuring body copy supports graphics, and addressing the intended audience's needs more effectively. The goal is to improve communication of the product's features and benefits while creating a more user-friendly experience.